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Student Clubs

American Heritage Girls

  • FL Troop 3122

  • Girls ages 5-18

  • Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday at Ascension Catholic Church

  • Contact:  Elizabeth Felderhoff

Drama Club

  • 2 programs

    • Young Thespians: 5-12​

    • Older Thespians: 10-18

  • Meets at Ascension Catholic Church

  • Tuition $100-$300 per program

  • Contact:  Kim Carff

Chess Club

  • Any age and level are welcome.

  • Please, bring a chess board
    and a chess set if you have one.

  • Contact:  Ashley Dean

Trail Life

  • Troop FL-1202

  • Boys ages 5-18

  • Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday at Ascension Catholic Church

  • Contact:  Chris Kelly

Lunch Bunch

  • We meet every other Wednesday at a local park to enjoy lunch and the company of friends. BYOL bring your own lunch!

  • Contact:  Marian Rowe

Jr/Sr High Club

  • Meet-ups, activities and opportunities specific to Jr/Sr High School ages.

  • Anyone can post or plan anything

  • Contact:  Jr/Sr High Group

Clubs are intimate learning groups based on shared interests or curriculum.  Some clubs meet weekly, some less often but routinely while others meet as opportunities present themselves.  The size of clubs may be limited for a variety of factors including optimizing learning experiences and logistically fitting into available spaces typically someone’s home.  Also, with the set-up of some clubs joining mid-year may not be feasible regardless of space.  Forming new clubs is ALWAYS an option!  Existing Club points of contact (POCs) are an excellent resource for getting a club started.  Club POCs can share their experiences and let you know what has worked well for the clubs with which they are involved and what hasn’t.  Some attributes of successful clubs are: shared level of commitment and effort, consistent meeting times, shared responsibility, clear consistent communication, adaptability.

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