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We would love to welcome you to the Melbourne ArchAngels Catholic Homeschooling Community!  Membership means a commitment to the community. We each give time & care to grow our community through:

Academic Co-op, Drama Club, Science Clubs, Art Clubs, Book Clubs, field trips, family socials, Moms’ Events, Dads’ Events,  Prayer Devotions, and more!


Family support means that we support each other. We are a parent-powered community; we are a community working together for the glory of God.


When you register, our clubs and activities become available to your family.

Your God-given gifts and talents are welcome here!

Contact us for more information. We look forward to meeting you!

Know that there is a vibrant Catholic community in Brevard County

waiting to help support you and your family in your journey

Benefits of Membership


  • Support from a Catholic community of homeschooling families

  • Opportunity to share your gifts and talents with others


  • Access to the Melbourne ArchAngels website - for safety reasons, access is limited to families who have paid for the current year.

  • Group Discount Codes for FPEA and HSLDA


  • Field Trips, Activities (family, Mom, Dad), Academic, Drama and other Clubs

  • Optional Academic co-op



Melbourne Arch Angels was initially formed as a support group for Catholic homeschooling families in the greater Melbourne area. As we have grown in size, we have also grown in the areas or needs that we serve. Our primary responsibility is to support, nurture and provide a home for Catholic homeschoolers. To that end, we have opportunities to gather together both inside and outside of the classroom.

• Feast Day celebrations

• Field Trips

• Park/play dates

• Mom’s Book Club and Prayer

• Homeschool Picture Day

• Date Nights

• FPEA Group Code

• Mom’s Morning Retreats

• Monthly Dad’s Meet-up

• Clubs

• Electives

• Teen/High School Group 

Praying Together


The Melbourne ArchAngels Co-op is for those families who are home educating their children. The program will act as a supplement to your homeschool and allow your child to learn within a group setting. It runs exclusive on “PARENT POWER.”


The goals for this program are to provide a group environment for our
children to learn about and explore God’s creation; to help pa
rents raise academically and spiritually strong children.

Science Courses


As a Catholic homeschooling community, we are all on our faith journey together.  While we may be at different place in our individual and family faith journies, we are all striving to get our families to heaven.  To that end, we have opportunities as a community to build our faith together through events such as celebrating the Eucharist together, Rosary Nights, Feast Day celebrations, prayer partners and much more.

Red Cross


Thanks for submitting!

How to join the Melbourne ArchAngels

  • Someone will be in touch with you to invite you to meet us, perhaps a playdate, picnic, or moms' breakfast

  • Once you decide to join us and register, you can then be approved and you will have access to the Member's Only pages of the website,  which include our calendar of events, our discussion groups, field trip information, clubs, and Co-op(s).

  • Yearly membership dues are currently $75/family which covers the website and insurance coverage (required by the diocese for meeting on diocesan properties, and also providing covering for all of our official MAA activities and events). Our fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30

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