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Who are the Melbourne ArchAngels?

You might be wondering who the Melbourne ArchAngels are. Maybe you found us as you were searching for homeschooling support. Maybe you were looking for Catholic homeschooling. Or maybe you found us from the RC History website's list of homeschooling co-ops. However you found us, we are glad you are here.

Melbourne ArchAngels is a vibrant, Catholic homeschooling community in Brevard County, Florida. We have families from many of the area parishes: Ascension, Holy Name of Jesus, St. John the Evangelist, Our Lady of Lourdes, and St. Joseph to name a few. Our community began at an interest meeting in May of 2010 when 5 families gathered in a room at Ascension Catholic Church's Ministry Building to talk about how to create a community of like-minded homeschooling families. And from that meeting, a beautiful, faith-filled homeschooling community began.

From those humble beginnings, Melbourne ArchAngels has grown to a community of 70 families (with over 200 children!) who support each other not only in our homeschooling journey but in our faith journey as well. Prior to the Covid shutdowns in 2020, Melbourne ArchAngels hosted a wide variety of events and opportunities to gather: academic co-op which uses RC History as our spine, academic clubs, book clubs for both students and moms, mom morning retreats, feast day celebrations, field trips galore, school year kick-off picnics and much, much more. Since Florida opened back up, we have worked to reignite many of our former in-person activities. We look forward to meeting you in the future. Drop us a line and someone will get in touch with you. May God bless you on your homeschooling journey.

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